In “My House”, Miss Honey reflects on the ownership of and belongings within her home – an old shed. Although her housing is meager, Miss Honey is content and happy. She continually reassures herself: “It isn’t much but it is enough for me” as she sings about her gratitude for her roof, pillow, lamp, etc.

Miss Honey takes significant pride in her house because it is hers, and only hers. This fact serves as a great talking point for property rights. Property rights determine how a resource/good (in this case, a house) is utilized and owned. While many people mistakenly think property rights are only relevant for those considered rich, strong property rights for all (whether rich or poor) are crucial to a well-functioning economy and society. Specifically, property rights lead to long-run economic growth, investment, and financial development.

Due to the perceived strong private property rights within the world of Matilda, Miss Honey knows her house cannot be seized by the government and it is truly hers to own.

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